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Warranties at Hoover Southtown

At Southtown Motors Hoover, we offer a wide variety of extended vehicle service contracts thru ULTIMATE AUTO CARE. Contracts are serviced via National Automotive Care (NAC), LLC.. ULTIMATE AUTO CARE is a nationally recognized and accepted service contract company. Vehicles are one of the largest purchases that most people make in their lives, and a service contract from ULTIMATE AUTO CARE gives you the opportunity to protect it. ULTIMATE AUTO CARE Vehicle Service Contracts provide continued mechanical breakdown protection for the long road of ownership ahead. You can be protected from the unexpected mechanical breakdowns.


Additional Benefits: EVERY SERVICE CONTRACT COMES WITH THE FOLLOWING ADDTIONAL BENEFITS! 24-Hour Roadside Assistance, including: Mechanical First Aid, Tire Service, Battery Service, Delivery Service ($5 Gas), Towing Serivce, and FREE Locksmith Service. Please see warranty for exact details. Rental Car- In the event of a mechanical breakdown caused by a part covered by this Contract, rental car reimbursement from a license rental agency will be provided to you on the basis of $35 for every eight hours, or portion thereof, of applicable labor time required to complete the covered repair, up to a maximum of $175 for each occurrence.

Below is a description of the different levels of services that are available. Please choose the level of service that will best fill your needs and contact our finance manager for a quote.


Engine: Covers all internally lubricated engine parts, Oil pump, Distributor Shaft and Housing, Harmonic Balancer, Valve covers, Timing Cover, Water pump, Fuel Pump (mechanical or electrical), Intake Manifold, Engine Block and Heads are covered if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated component.

Turbo Charger/Super Charger: All internally lubricated parts within the gear case, housing is covered if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated component.

Transmission: (automatic or Standard) All internally lubricated parts within the gear case, Torque Converter, Vacuum Modulator, Covers, Pans and Cases are covered if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated component.

Front/Rear Differential/Case: All internal parts, Axle shafts, Constant Velocity Joints, the Differential case is covered if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated moving part.

Seals and Gaskets: Seals and Gaskets and covered for the following assemblies: Engine, Turbocharger/ Supercharger, Transmission, Front and rear Differential/Case


Includes items listed in Powertrain Coverage, plus:

Air Conditioner: Compressor, Clutch, Coli and Pulley, Orifice Tube, Condenser, Evaporator. Note: If cost of repairs on a R-12 system exceed the cost to convert to R-134a system, the System will be converted to use a R-134a refrigerant, providing failure to the system was the direct result of a covered component.

Front Suspension: Upper and Lower control Arms, Control Arm Shafts and Bushings, Upper and Lower Ball Joints, Stabilizer Shaft Linkage and Bushings, King Pins and Bushings, Spindles and Spindle Supports.

Steering: Manual and Power Steering Gear Assembly, Control Valve and Rack Assembly, Power Steering Pump, Steering Column Main and Intermediate Shafts, Cooler, Pitman Arm, Idler Arm, Tie Road Ends, Couplings, Drag Link

Brakes (Non-ABS): Master Cylinder, Power Assist Booster and Valve, Wheel Cylinders, Calipers, Combination Valve, Steel Lines and Fittings, Backing Plates, Spring Clips and Retainers, Self Adjusters, Parking Brake Linkage and cables.

Electrical: Alternator and Voltage Regulator, Starter Motor, Starter Drive, Starter Solenoid, Front Wiper Motor including Internal Circuit Board, Relay and Delay Switch, Manually Operated Switches and Wiring Harness.

Seals and Gaskets: Seals and Gaskets are covered for the following assemblies: Steering, Front Suspension, Brakes (other than ABS systems) and Factory Air Conditioning components as listed above.


includes items listed in Powertrain and Standard Coverage, plus:

Additional Electrical: Heated Back Glass (electrical, not glass damage or breakage), Rear Wiper Motor, Heater Blower Motor, Factory Installed Sunroof Motor, Convertible Top Motor, Power Antenna (motor only) Remote Keyless Entry Module, Cruise Control Servo, Module and Transducer, Compass, Thermometer, Electronic Control Module, Oxygen Sensor, Ignition Module, Igniter, Electronic/Digital Instrument Cluster and Circuit Board, Power Window Motors and Regulators, Power Door Locks, Power Seat Motors, Speedometer Head.

Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS): Electronic Control Unit, Anti-Lock Computer Module, Wheel Speed Sensors/Exciters, Proportioning Valves, High Pressure Hydraulic Pump, Electro-Hydraulic Proportioning Control Valves, Accumulator.

Cooling: Radiator, Fan Clutch and Fan, Cooling Fan Motors, Heater Core

Factory Air Conditioning and Heating: Expansion Valve, Dryer Tank, Accumulator, POA Valve, Hi-Low Pressure Cut Off Switch, Ducts and Outlet Hoses, Automatic Temperature Control Programmer.

Front and Rear Suspension: MacPherson Struts, Shackle Bushings and Eye Bushings, Springs, Torsion Bars and Bushings, Wheel Bearings and Seals, Automatic Leveling Unit Compressor, Sensor and Limiter Valve.

Fuel System: Fuel Injector Metering Pump, Fuel Injectors, Fuel Distributor, Diesel Injection Pump, Fuel Tank, Metal Fuel Lines, Fuel Sending Unit.

Interior/Exterior: Glove Box Door and Hinge, Manually Operated Seat Tracks, Interior and Exterior Door Handles, Door Hinges, Map/Courtesy Light Assembly, Hood and Trunk Gas Struts.

Seals and Gaskets: Seals and Gaskets are covered for the following assemblies: Front and Rear Suspension, Anti-Lock Brakes, Factory Air Conditioning, Cooling System and Fuel System.


Covers all necessary repairs to all of your vehicles mechanical and electrical parts except:

Incidental and consequential damages or loss caused by breakdown of components including property damage, personal injury, and loss of vehicle use. Also not covered are the following: Batteries, Battery Cables, Safety Restraint System including Airbags, Exhaust System, Catalytic Converter, Wheels, Fuses, Light Bulbs, Sealed Beams, HID Headlamp Systems, Lenses, Cellular Phones, Non Factory Installed Audio/Video Equipment, Non Factory DVD players, Non Factory Viewing Devices, and Non Factory GPS. For more information on what is not covered, please ask our Finance Manager for a copy of the Warranty.

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